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  • Producent: Rosso Fiorentino
  • Dostępność: Od ręki Od ręki
  • Czas realizacji: 2-3 dni

Rosso Fiorentino Pienza Standy Cena za parę. Od ręki. Ultimate Audio Konin / Rosso Fiorentino

Podstawki głośnikowe

Pienza - standy.

These precious handmade stands are expressly designed to not only look beautiful, but more importantly extract the maximum acoustic performance out of the Pienza speakers. The bottom plate conceals adjustable spike assemblies that allow precise levelling while providing perfect stability on a variety of floor surfaces.
The top plate features a four-disc rubber foot assembly which results in further isolation of the speakers from resonances while offering a firm and stable platform. The curve-shaped columns are filled with very small marble chips so as to add mass and weight to the structure, thus providing additional stability and excellent resonance damping properties to the entire system.


- Sturdy high density fiberboard marble chips filled stand
- Rubber discs on the top base for speaker and stand decoupling
- Internal steel tension tie rod
- Adjustable spikes for accurate decoupling and different flooring needs



7 Kg (15,4 lbs) each

Dimensions (HxWxD):

74x22x26,5 cm (24,8x8,7x10,4 inches)

Height with spikes:

74cm (29 inches)