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Supra Y-Link. Od ręki. Ultimate Audio Konin / Supra

Do subwoofera

Supra Sublink RCA
For single channel connection between e.g. a receiver and active sub-woofer (often called LFE channel = Low Frequency Effects). Supra Sublinks low capacitance and high noise interference immunity make longer cable routing possible, which most often is the case for sub-woofer connections. Further the low capacitance allow bass pulse build-up without flattening or slow down, the really desirable property of an excellent hifi sub-woofer sound.

Features and benefits

  • Shielding - very silent from noise and microphony
  • Easy to install - fits also perfect in conduits
  • Low capacitance - Allows for bass pulse without flattening or slowing down
  • Robust connectors - Noise immune and gold plated for a long service life
  • Made in  Sweden!

Supra Y-Link Sub-Woofer Cable - Splits singel channel sub-woofer output to two mono inputs
Supra Y-Link allows for interconnection between a receiver with a single LFE channel output and an active sub-woofer without specific LFE input but instead two channel (stereo) inputs, or any other devices that is desired to feed with one single channel. Sometimes the output sound level from the sub-woofer becomes too low when feeding only one of the inputs, why we have developed Y-Link cable that branches from one to two single-ended RCA connectors, making it possible to feed both channels with the same mono signal.